The Vantage Waste Processor is the proprietary equipment of VWP Waste Processing Limited.

The technology itself, now successfully patented worldwide, incorporates well understood scientific principles in the processing of organic waste, achieving, firstly, a significant reduction in the volume, which is also sanitised by the process, while also preparing the resultant biomass for further treatment, to either render a quality soil improver or a variety of biofuels.

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The Vantage Waste Process

The Vantage Waste Processor (VWP) is a 16m long cylinder, 2.7m in diameter, which has been designed to operate and process waste on a continuous basis.

Organic waste, such as agricultural waste and household food waste is shredded and fed into the VWP, which rotates once a minute, conveying the feedstock from one end to the other in the space of an hour, during which time the waste is saturated with heat produced by steam under pressure at a minimum temperature of 150°C.

Heat, Time and Turbulence

The combined effects of heat, time and turbulence, produce the ideal conditions to promote the conversion of the treated biomass, with further processes, into greatly beneficial end products.

The VWP process demonstrates the capability to recycle waste without the need for the vast pollution caused by incineration and landfill. The process itself produces no harmful emissions into the environment, rather, it takes a waste material and renders it sanitised, first, eradicating noxious odours, before then commencing the transformation of this discarded organic material into a useful product for the community.

VWP Waste Process

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