Punjab and Haryana

The scale of rice farming is significant, particularly in the states of Punjab and Haryana, thus, the burning of rice stubble creates a significant pollutant, which has had devastating effects in the surrounding areas, most publicly, in New Delhi, which witnessed, in 2019, catastrophic levels of air pollution with crop burning recognised as a major contributor.

Vantage Waste Processing Limited considered this scenario and were convinced that processing rice stubble through their process, thus dispensing with uncontrolled burning and harmful air pollution, would provide a major solution to this perennial problem.

Our Solution

To fully ascertain that there were no characteristics of rice straw which were unsuitable for the Vantage Waste Process, a large quantity, remaining after harvest, was collected in Punjab, and shipped to the facility in Bournemouth.

A video was shot from the arrival of the consignment at Bournemouth, to the manufacture of fuel briquettes, made from the processed rice straw, only two hours later.

The advantages of treating the rice straw in this way are manifold:

  • No indiscriminate and unlawful burning
  • No uncontrolled air pollution
  • Balers generate revenue from collection of straw
  • Ease of transportation of end product

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With the rice straw being processed and converted into fuel briquettes or fuel pellets.

These, in turn, can be easily shipped to an end-user, such as a power station, which can utilise them as an alternative to the incineration of raw waste.

The air pollution resulting from straw stubble burning is eliminated.

Farmers burn the stubble as it is the cheapest and easiest solution, important consideration when funds are not available. However, this indiscriminate burning is increasingly unlawful

Providing a cost free alternative allows farmers to benefit from the environmental advantages while following the due process of law.

The resultant ash from the controlled power station usage of the pellets or briquettes can be supplied back to the farmers as a nutrient for the soil.

Vantage Waste Processing Limited are delighted to have been chosen as the technology provider for the first project to incorporate all the above benefits, to be sited in Punjab.

The site is expected to be operational in early 2022.


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