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About VWP Waste Processing

About Us

VWP Waste Processing was formed to realise a process with low environmental impact and maximum conversion of organic waste into a usable product.

Our Process

The Vantage Waste Processor is patented worldwide. It incorporates well understood scientific principles in the processing of organic waste.

Bournemouth Site

VWP operates a full scale Vantage Waste Processor and ancillary equipment in Bournemouth, U.K. This facility demonstrates the process through the steps of shredding and treatment.


In every step of the operation full consideration is given to the environment. The aim is to clean up the mountains of waste and replace them with fuel, soil improver, industrial alcohol and other essential by-products.

Given that VWP process demonstrated reduction in total solids, it could be considered in applications such as waste sterilization, soil fertilization and pellets production for heating purposes.

Also, VWP treatment enhances the release of sugars from waste materials

Cranfield University Study funded by European Regional Development Authority (a unit of the European Union)

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